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PhpED Professional
For companies, organizations and people who make a living by doing Web Development. Comes with 1 full year of upgrades and updates and fanatical tech support. All features are available including remote debugging

PhpED Team 4 Professional
The best value if you need 4 or more licenses of PhpED Professional. All features are available including remote debugging. CALL US For big discounts on the purchases of large amounts of licenses!

PhpED Personal
For individual developers buying IDE with their own funds, no reimbursement by any business entities is allowed, can not be purchased by companies. Comes with 1 full year of upgrades and updates. All features are available including remote debugging

NuSphere Advantage
A package of NuSphere Web Development tools that gives you an opportunity to have the best of breed PHP IDE (PhpED), PHP Encoder (NuCoder) and one of a kind Windows deployment solution (PhpDock) - all with one purchase at a great discount. What makes it even better is PhpED seamless integration with encoding tools of NuCoder, you don't ever need to leave your IDE to edit, debug, encrypt your code and deploy it - all at once. NuSphere Advantage brings all the development components necessary for the full Web application lifecycle and unmatched support and upgrade policy.
This package includes:

  • PhpED Professional package. - PHP IDE from NuSphere
  • NuCoder - PHP Encoder from NuSphere.
  • PhpDock - Unique php deployment solution from NuSphere.

PhpED Academic
Perfect for school rooms. Some features are not available

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